Finished 5 page paper in a day. I guess I can say I am proud and ashamed of myself.

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me in fancy box

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Been working on these for the past couple of weeks. The beginning to a fairy tale idea that I have going on in my head….not really sure where I’m gonna go with this, but here is the beginning of it!

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Super cute necklace from kittywood arrived yesterday and I was super excited!! Also how it hangs normally :’)

;u; you are like the cutest ever!im glad you liked it!

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i’m at a point in my life where everything is falling apart and everything is coming together at the same time.
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Part of me wants to drop out of college and go travel the world.
Part of me wants to work really hard in college and change the world.
Part of me wants to not work hard at all and marry some rich guy.
And the other 97% of me just wants to sleep.
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 Thanks to you ... I made it 

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The thing that’s so disgusting about the murders of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Sean Bell etc (a very long list) is that it’s not like we’re trying to figure out who killed them. We know perfectly well. We’re just trying to figure out if that black kid deserved to die. They’re humanity is put on trial, like being a person wasn’t enough. Black people literally have to prove that we’re worthy of living.

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やってみた(笑)〜 Urara

We tried it out lol 〜 Urara

Hey, wait a minute, what is this?

Now THIS is a prank.

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